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Actually “Coffee” are the seeds that exist in the red coloured fruits of the “Coffee Trees. This fruit’s being very similar to “Cherry” is also named as “coffee cherry”. there are two seeds in each “Coffee Fruit”.

The smell [aroma] and taste of coffee is formed as a result of the fluidlike small particles which is called “coffee essence [extract]” or “coffeol [coffee oil].

The effect of caffein will be seen in a short period like 10 minutes after having the first sip. 09:30 – 11:30 is the period which the coffee is most effective.

 The coffee tree has an average life period of 80 years where by the first 5-20 years will be the most productive and yielding years of its life cycle. After that the quality of the coffee seeds will start deteriorating and the coffee trees will then be uprooted.

For a long time the land of origin for coffee was known to be as “Yemen”. Even though Yemen is a very large coffee producer, “Ethiopia” is actually the land of origin of coffee. Coffee for the first time came to Yemen and was produced there.

40 % of the coffee in the world is produced by Brasil. This ratio is almost the double in quantity produced in Colombia and Vietnam which rank as the second and the third largest coffee growers in the world. It may be interesting to know that, today in the world, coffee is the second largest traded item after crude oil. At an average 2.2 billion cups of coffee is consumed on a daily basis in the world.

The “Turkish way of brewing coffee” is the oldest method of brewing coffee in the world. Also “Turkish Coffee” is the only product in the world where it is offered with the “coffee grounds”.

Roasting of the coffee is the point when the characteristic features of the coffee will come out. The acidity, body, texture and taste of coffee will come out when roasting it. This process involves the journey of “green” coffee seeds to “brown”. There are 3 different ways of roasting. The first one is “light” meaning not intense roasting and the second is “medium” roasting as the name implies and the third one is “dark” which is well roasted as the name stands for it.


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